#Flashback – African Fashion Week 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Not Christmas, not even back to school time, no the most wonderful time of the year for everyone here at Cotilda.com is Africa Fashion Week. Happening next weekend (11-12th August) over 800 designers from across Africa, Europe and America will be debuting their collections.

AFWL has hosted six catwalk events since inception in 2011, bringing up and coming designer names to almost 70,000 visitors including buyers, retailers, influential industry professionals, and the media. The annual event is now a highlight on any self-respecting fashionista’s calendar.

We have such happy memories from our presence last year at Africa Fashion Week, Cotilda.com showcased a 12-piece bespoke collection which spoke to the Malawian and western influences our brand is centred around.

Of course, it isn’t just Malawi that influences us, (Timakondani Malawi!) our collection was also influenced by our love of experimental art and music… and not just any music, regular followers of Cotilda.com will know that 2016 was all about ‘Beating Hearts Malawi’. Our 2016 album of choice helped promote both creativity and charity, every 1500 of the albums sold will feed a school of 500 pupils!

Our 2016 collection, collectively titled ‘Roots’ was all about embracing past heritage in a forward-thinking and stylish collection. The colour, patterns and prints appealed to not just one target market but to modern fashionistas everywhere.

The collection was designed to appeal to vibrant professionals who, whether at work or play, wanted to make a statement of individuality.

One of the best parts of an event such as Africa Fashion Week is the opportunity to collaborate with other talented creatives. In 2016 we took the opportunity to work with Karin Walland, who works magic with recycled glass to produce a stunning transparent merge of colour.

We may have attended other events in 2016, including ‘Leicester Fashion Week’, ‘The Taste of Africa’ in October and the ‘Tees Valley Fashion Show’ at Christmas, but Africa Fashion Week will always hold a special place within our hearts.

Zabwino Zonse to all taking part this year, we can’t wait to see what the collections have in store!

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