Dashiki Royalty – Going behind the name…

Regular followers of our social media channels will know exactly what we mean by Dashiki Royalty. It’s the name of our new collection, our target market and it’s been our obsession for the whole of 2017.

Dashiki is a loose shirt or tunic of African-origin, so very appropriate for a collection that focuses on the cool lines and patterns of such garments. Our line takes inspiration from a print known as the Angelina Print, created by Toon Van de Manakker for the textile company Vlisco.

The development, through to the print we know and love, was done in collaboration with Laura Campion, print designer extraordinaire! Laura took inspiration from the dual influences of Cotilda’s African and Western roots to create design details, including incorporating colours from the flags of both nations.

Other design elements have clearly drawn from this same philosophy. The spires around the ‘C’, which is influenced by the half rising sun of the Malawian flag, is a signature piece created in collaboration with Anthony Sheldon.

We combined these elements into a collection that has clean and defined lines in our shirts and cap, as well as bold, free-flowing ease in our hoodie, appealing to urban males across the globe.

The entire Cotilda brand is about collaboration and we love that this extends right into the very soul of our design, as well as our marketing, web design and, of course, our social media! We are delighted to be sharing the prime of our collection, the Royalty of our Dashiki line, with you all on our site and we look forward to the next stage of our journey, wherever it may take us.

Will you be along for the ride?

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