Getting to know Tsar Leo followers will be aware of Malawian born singer, rapper and songwriter Tsar Leo from the social media posts that we have been sharing with you. We wanted you to get to know Tsar Leo better as we look forward to clothing him into some Cotilda swag!

Born Leo Siwale, his passion for music was recognised at the age of 17 when he and Keim released their single ‘Things we do’ in 2014; following a string of successful singles, that can be downloaded at, he was soon nominated as Malawi’s best new artist in 2015 and he is currently competing for the Independent Music Awards.

Another nomination followed in 2016 for the song ‘The Other Side’ which was Tsar Leo’s international breakthrough, featuring on different music channels across Africa. Tsar Leo is well known for fusing rapping and singing, with an audible contrast between typical hip-hop beats and melody, he lists Drake, J Cole and Kendrick Lamar as his source of inspiration.

His style in popular amongst young people due to his performances in English and that hip hop, known as urban music in Malawi, which draws the attention of his age group. Tsar Leo has collaborated with other well-known Malawian musicians to name a few Tay Grin (‘No days off’ – a single that we recognised Tsar’s talents from), Theo Thomson, and Lawi (‘Bring them home’ a track recorded with an ensemble of Malawian musicians to highlight the issues of child trafficking).

From Malawian musicians to the fashion #BuyMalawian campaign – the movement that is being celebrated every Fridays as a means to embracing its heritage and supporting the local business trade. You will already know the background of Cotilda’s African and Western roots to create design details, including incorporating colours from the flags of both nations of the Malawian and British flags within the Dashiki Royalty line, design elements clearly drawn from this same philosophy.

The spires around the ‘C’, which are influenced by the half rising sun of the Malawian flag, there is no better way of spreading our #MalawiToMiddlbesough journey than having Malawians and the world wearing the line. Find out more and keep up-to-date with Tsar Leo by following the social media links below.

Stay tuned to where the next #MalawiToMiddlesbrough foot print may led us and don’t forget the Dashiki Royalty line is now available for worldwide shipping as well as the UK.

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