Meeting and Clothing Tsar Leo #MalawiToMiddlesbrough

It is nearing a month since we returned from our Mother land of Malawi where we met and finally got Tsar Leo into some Cotilda swag! You may remember when we connected with the Malawian singer/rapper through our Instagram post from his infectious tune ‘No Days off’ ft Tay Grin!

We had the opportunity of collaborating with the singer on his single ‘Wifey,’ one in a selection of hit singles from the EP ‘Old times good times’. We had clothed Tsar Leo in the Dashiki Royalty hoodie to which he favoured most among the Dashiki Royalty Shirt and Dashiki Royalty Snapback cap; don’t forget to get your hands on the range while you still can!

We also had the opportunity of clothing the star model Chikondi Chisalika in her role of  ‘Wifey,’ beautiful and striking in an all white laced, 2 piece outfit.  With the Rising Sun that was inspired by the Angelina print as the head tie. If you don’t yet know the inspiration behind the ‘Rising Sun print’ you can learn more on our blog  ‘Going behind the name’.

Preview the Wifey music video that is COMING SOON, am sure you are just as excited as we are!

We were also honoured to have been invited by TimveniTV  to be interviewed with Tsar Leo himself and hear first hand the inspiration to some of his past and latest hit singles as Stay, Special and Swift.  Thanks to presenter Matilda Zulu and Leo for having designer Cotilda on their show.

The Timveni organisation is a child and youth media organisation with the focus on empowering the children and youth to know their rights and responsibilities, by engaging with one another and across districts to communicate their views to decision makers in Malawi through platforms as Timveni Radio and Timveni Television.

Another proud moment of ours is having the Dashiki Royalty products on display in X-QUISITE MEN at Sunbird Capital Hotel Lilongwe, Malawi! Located in the Capital of Malawi, Sunbird is a travel accommodation company with a chain of resorts around the country such as Sunbird Mount Soche, Sunbird Ku Chawe to name a few.

X-Quiste Men is a menswear store that is newly set up to attract the stylish modern man. Order in store by visiting the X-Qusiste store to  get your hands on the Dashiki range. Or contact us for further assistance.

We are pleased that our #MalawiToMiddlesbrough  ‘Malawi To England, Two cultures, two homes.’ journey is slowly spreading not just in Middlesbrough but our motherland of Malawi.

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