Campion Brides

Most of us aside from the stress, dream of how prefect we would like our wedding day to be; we want to have the prefect dresses, prefect reception and the prefect everything if we are honest! But at the end of the day, what makes the prefect wedding are the memories we make with the people who surround us!

We recently worked on a special project that we named ‘Campion Brides’ a special touch to the maiden name of the Bride herself. Print designer Laura Campion designed the fabric print of the bridesmaids dresses while we helped put her vision together. Not the usual bridesmaids silhouettes, the three wrap around dresses were made from a medium weight polyester that gave a beautiful drape and structure to the ladies shapes, the reason why we loved working on the project!



Regular followers might also recognise Laura from our collaboration Dashiki Royalty of the print design the ‘Rising Sun’ taking inspiration from the known Angelina Print that were added to dual influences of Cotilda’s African and Western roots to create design details, including incorporating colours from the flags of both nations of Malawi and United Kingdom #MalawiToMiddlesbrough.

Whilst working on the project we asked ourselves what makes the prefect bridesmaid dress? Is it the fit, the style, the design or the person who is wearing it? To answer that question we found it is the people who are wearing the clothing that make the fit, style and design special. In our case it is the stunning bride and her bridesmaids that make ‘Campion Brides’ a memorable project for us including the beautifully captured images by photographer Amy Lou.

We would like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald on their big day! Contact us and see how we can help you.

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